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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 2, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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economy, for my shop in specific. we're here in the tribune building. >> reporter: christine owns the coffee shop and says business is good despite the building being 80% vacant and now she is being able to accommodate the new people which she say is a good problem to have. >> i'm excited to serve great coffee to that many people. >> reporter: they're buying the tower for $8 million, about half what the sellers paid for it in 2006 at the height of the commercial real estate boom. those familiar with the building say they hope the owners use the money they save to make improvements. oakland's deputy director of economic development says the s.i. hopes to see a ripple effect. more tenants moving in and spending money at local retail and restaurant shops. >> it is good news to have people moving to oakland and
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vacant parts in the city and as month roll on, i think we'll hear more and more stories of jobs popping up. >> reporter: the purchase is expected to close monday. this isn't the only place where jobs are grow ining? san francisco saw a 2.7% increase in job openings just last month. live in oakland, nbc bay area moves. >> let's hope it keeps moving in that direction. nationwide, it's not necessarily big business driving those numbers. joining us, scott, what's behind this uptick in hiring and going into a presidential race, the impact on the presidential election. >> and the start-ups and business we can thank in the bay area for a boost in hiring.
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>> reporter: gearing up for dinner at the boundary, this is a new place with cooks and waiters, the job is excited. >> a good healthy national economy is beneficial for big business, small business, any business. that definitely adds to our optimism. >> because of hiring by start-ups and small business, our nation added 120,000 jobs last month. >> it feels like we're starting to get small businesses kicking in and that is so vital to getting the job market moving forward. >> reporter: the unemployment rate long stuck around 9 dropped to 8.6%. president obama celebrated. >> the american economy now created in the private sector jobs for the past 21 months in a row. near nearly 3 million jobs in all. >> reporter: people who have given up looking for work were not counted and the republicans still say the president has
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failed. >> the american people want action on jobs and they want it now. >> reporter: presidents obama and clinton argued today for middle class tax cuts and stimulus paid for by a tax hike on the rich. competing versions on how to get the nation hiring more workers like boundary stone restaurant. >> two main concerns. of those people that are still on the unemployed list, how many are being counted and how many removed themselves because they're so frustrated? is the figure larger than that? can the republicans and democrats get together enough to push forward some of this plans on the table, including the payroll tax cut which would eventually encourage companies to hire more workers. >> going into the holidays and the fact people have to loosen their purse strings, how much this perception the job market getting better, how much will that fuel people shopping and in turn fuel the economy. >> very good news. exactly what you said, even if you have a job but concerned about losing it, you won't shop. >> if you have a job and feel
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like you will also get one in this future, a lot is based on psychology. if the unemployment number keeps going down, the psychology will be better and more people will shop. >> thanks. there's good news coming out of san jose. the problem is according to mayor chuck reed, not good enough. he was set to call a fiscal emergency and put a reform measure on the ballot assuming the city would owe 160 million tossed the police and fire pensions. the actual number is about $50 million less than that. while the major may delay the emergency, he says they are not by any stretch of the woods out of the woods. >> we have to solve the problem. the problem is causing us to drain money out of services to pay for retirement costs. whatever we do has to solve the problem or the city will have a service level disaster. >> the mayor and unions agree
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one reason it dropped so sharply because of layoffs and cuts to service last year. some people are still in the dark. powerful winds ripped through the bay area over the night leaving behind a great big mess. and 80 foot cypress tree felton a home early this morning and the family was sleeping inside. luckily, everyone was able to get out safely, including two small kids. and a three snapped on to a cherokee in san jose. and crews were forced to work in pitch-black conditions as they struggled to restore power to tens of thousands of people. over 47,000 pg&e customers are still without power and more than 20,000 are in santa cruz county. only about 300 people in the bay area are still without power. jeff joins us now. despite all the wind and we've been hearing about it the last
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couple of day, today was beautiful and sunny and a lot warmer. >> it helped get temperatures 5-10 degrees above average. early this morning, while we did have trees down, wind gusts at 60 miles an hour, only 13-30 miles an hour but everything was weakened. i showed this last night. top wind gusts at 92 miles an hour, mt. diablo and down into los angeles, winds close to 100 miles an hour. this was a very widespread event across the bay area. right now, we still have a wind advisory for the hill top but gradually on the increase for this to subside. all our lower elevations where motion of our viewers live, we are seeing 10 miles and less and continuing to get a lot better. we're calling it bezy right no w and the worst wind gusts in the past 15 minutes, livermore with 18 miles an hour gust, definitely on the downward side.
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breezy in the valley, 5-10 miles an hour. independent the windy hills, could go 15-25 miles an hour. and more in the forecast and very mild numbers in a few minutes. >> thank you. in southern california, the most power f powerful winds clocked in at hurricane gusts at 97 miles an hour. the property damage is pretty dramatic. we'll show you the worst of that storm in a few moments. >> strong winds may have made a big fire even bigger at the san ramon apartment complex. one man survived a two story jump out of a window to escape the flames. firefighters tell us he suffered some injuries but none too serious. they say today's wind made the fire difficult to fight. >> we did encounter some problems with the wind. the wind drove the fire through the roof pretty good upon our arrival. we were able to contain it. >> firefighters say it's too early to tell how many units were damaged or how the fire
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started. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle lay has given birth to a baby boy. she made a brief court appearance behind a glass partition. her attorney blamed esteban's pregnancy for not entering the plea before but the judge did grant her another delay today. her attorney confirms she did give birth before thanksgiving and send back to the santa rita jail in dublin and unclear who's caring for the baby. she is accused of killing a former friend, lay, and her body was found in sunol. a monterey county man who tried selling his baby girl outside a walmart will serve six years in prison for the crime. the 40-year-old will begin six years in prison after being arrested in salinas. the mother of the baby girl was arrested after the couple tried to sell the infant for $25.
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prosecutors said they both used methamphetamine and appeared high when they were arrested in 2010. the mother is free on probation. we're told the child has since been adopted. still ahead at 5:00, will cain tell all amid a firestorm of sexual harassment allegation. a sudden announcement. and then -- >> i never dared to dream we would have him home for christmas this year. >> a holiday homecoming. bay area families reunite with loved ones returning home from the war. their first moment together next. honda recalling over a quarter million cars. which models are on the list? we'll let you know when we come back. good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist. warm temperatures towards the golden gate bridge. numbers wov with 60s and low 70s.
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pa they have been apart from their families almost a year. today, more than 60 national guard members from the bay area were reunited with their loved ones. joining us live, that must have been emotional. >> reporter: i have to tell you, to watch children rush into the arms of their mothers and father after they've been apart for a year melts your heart. this is a homecoming that won't soon be forgotten. nearly every day for the past year, angelina asked her mom, is daddy coming home today? finally, the answer was yes. >> i will hug him and squeeze him really tight. >> reporter: anticipation shared by dozens of bay area families, waiting for loved ones to return from a tour of duty in iraq.
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hope and reality collided as mothers, friends, brothers, sisters and fathers were finally within arm's reach. >> i missed them so much. >> reporter: when captain donald left his son, he was just a baby, now, he is walking. he is one of 60 soldiers from the california national guard from the 297th medical company, the last guard unit to return home from iraq. that single word means a newfound freedom for these soldiers. for hans schubert, it means a chance to finally embrace his girlfriend, christina and embrace life's simple pleasures. red wine. >> reporter: many of these sampleds are medics and dentists and provide iing for soldiers i
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iraq and helping them prepare to stand on their own. >> we did have moments where we could get attacked. >> which is why kim is so happy her husband returned home safe. >> never even dared to dream we would have him home for christmas this year. it's the most wonderful christmas gift we could have gotten. >> reporter: sure, the family kept in touch through skype. nothing could replace tickling your dad and having him tickle you right back. many of the soldiers i spoke with today say they consider themselves lucky. 26 california national guard members were killed while serving in iraq. reporting live in san mateo, marian marianne favro, members bay area news. >> talk about the best present ever having daddy back. >> speaking of a drawdown, huge milestone as the military hands over control of camp victory in baghdad to the iraqi government. the u.s. troops interrogated and
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guarded hussein at the palace complex before he was executed in 2006. at the height of the complex, the former palace was headquarters for the u.s. military and home to 40,000 troops in support and personnel. outside, shooting golf balls and fishing for carp and avoiding mortar attacks. >> the garish tremendous resources put into building these palaces. many of them, i highlight how ego centric saddam hussein was. his initials are all over the architecture, for example. most iraqi people never saw these places and never knew what went on there. >> before the war, the grounds were used as a country club for baghdad's elite. the destructive windstorm that blew through the last few day, the weather is calmer now but the cleanup beginning in southern california.
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>> thousands of people still affected by power outages. it may be over for now, but southland residents are bracing for another round of windy weather this weekend. >> thousands are still without power. many streets, schools and businesses remain closed in southern california today. >> this is one of the worst windstorms in generation. >> reporter: the worst in at least a decade, according to the national weather service, which reported hurricane grade gusts of 97 miles an hour blasting through the los angeles area at the height of the storm. >> i asked for a continued patience on the part of angel a angleynos from an incredible display from the power of mother nature. >> reporter: a dozen homes red tagged and destroyed and griffith fit park shut down.
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storms in northern california blew down chunks of the bay area. >> almost like a hurricane. i've lived here all my life. i was amazed at the stuff that was playing last night. >> today brought calm but temporarily, weather casters predict another fierce windstorm to sweep through southern california this weekend. nbc news, los angeles. when you see the destruction there, bringing things over to jeff ranieri, they had severe damage down there. >> it could have been a lot worse had it been positioned more to the north. there was a better side. we had thousands without power, as we talked about, as you guys mentioned at the top of the show, from the winds that topped 90 miles an hour. from the highest peaks, mt. diablo and los gatos getting in on the wind gust, this 45 miles
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an hour wind event for the bay area. with the north winds, most of the day, we had spectacular weather. if you weren't dealing with wind in the hills, very nice, currently 62, winds to the west at 13, starting to shift more to onshore wind in the coastal areas and still pretty mild. 66 in concorde, 64 in livermore. and they cleaned up and restored power across the bay area. for the morning hours, it will still be breezy but looking at clear weather and mild with a little bit of wind on saturday. high pressure will be staying on in our 7-day forecast with a very mild look coming up. right now, it's breezy. calm winds in san francisco. a lot of areas calming down. not very gusty. but we will find the system
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moving to the southwest and that will eventually kick up more wind for us. immediately off the coastline, we are clear. high pressure building in the next 48 hours. that will continue to give us breezy conditions heading to saturday and sunday. it will keep us mild with temperatures in mid-to upper 60s and sunday, it will be dry and a little bit of cooling coming into the forecast. tomorrow morning, breezy in the valleys, 5-10, not too bad. in the hills, could go up to 25. it keeps the fire danger in check. if you are headed to do camping or hiki, be careful if you're doing barbecuing. 42 in santa rosa, 44 in san rafael, 76 in k46 in concorde an the south bay. a decent rebound, temperatures in mid-60s to near 70 with the strongest portion of the wind
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event done. we'll have breezy periods and all in all, one of thehi calmer days we've seen so far this week when it comes to weather. 68 in napa, 68 in santa rosa and 71 expected in calla to stoga. it stays sunny and clear. we have breezy weather for saturday. no storms, not only in the next seven day, but possibly the next ten days. that's that rare 7-day forecast. we typically do not see this in december and could be another indication of this la nina pattern taking hold of the west. it's about extremes. we have dry weather now, three weeks from now, could it cut loose and get very active? definitely. >> and last evening was definitely a heavy la nina? yes. >> chicane controversy takes a new twist -- the corsveakro tesy controversy takes a new twist.
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facesing scrutiny after being accused this week after having a 13 year long extramarital fair, herman cain is grappling tonight with a big question, where does his presidential campaign go from here. campaigning in south carolina, he says he will reveal tomorrow whether he will continue to seek the gop nomination. he says he plans to discuss the future of his candidacy at the opening of his georgia headquarters. he has spoken often this week of making reassessment of his campaign after claims by a georgia woman that there were claims of an affair. >> yes, there were challenges and i will say, before any people in the media ask me one more time, i will say what i said before, i am reassess iing because of all of this media firestorm stuff? why? because my wife and family come first. i've got to take that into
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consideration. >> at today's town hall meeting, cain was supported by the audience. one supporter told him, he needs to remain in the race. >> honda is recalling hundreds of thousands of considers worldwide tonight because of an airbag problem. they're recalling 304,000 vehicles because of a discovery airbags may overinflate and a propellant that inflates can rupture or explode causing serious injury or even death. it affects the accord, civic, odyssey, pilot, crv and those manufactured between 2001 and 2003. one industry analyst says honda probably won't be impacted negatively by this recall? i don't think in the long term it will be very serious itself. at the time the south carolina ian manufacturers are on the up and honda is losing market share in the united states from 10.5%
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to 9% this year, it just compounds some of its miseries, really. >> honda will send out recall notices to owners later this month. the automaker has had four previous recalls, all related to the same problehen w e wn we co here with special bugs in berkeley. ♪
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